Ningbo Meidong Container Terminal Corp, a subsidiary of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company Ltd, stopped all loading and discharging services as of 03:30 local time on Wednesday. The reason for stopping the port’s working activities is the staff tested positive for COVID-19.

Emre Kara has been appointed as CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) as of June 1, 2021, at ShipsGo, which has provided global digital services in container tracking and networking since 2016 and exports to more than 60 countries.

TeuSmile is a new network platform for all freight forwarders around the globe. TeuSmile is a new initiative powered by ShipsGo. So, it can be called a newborn but fully experienced game-changer for the logistics sector.

Due to the fact that some ports receive a lot of traffic and are important transit points in maritime transport, the duration of the ship’s stay in the port is limited. In some cases, these times are disrupted and unexpected shipment delays occur.