Everybody wants to know what they are paying for exactly, what they are going to receive in exchange for their money? Is it worth paying? Or, is it worth spending a certain amount of time? In this article, we aimed to let no question and hesitation in the air. Inspired by all the problems and uncertainties that all parties encountered or may encounter in the maritime transportation sector, we have created solutions that can be an answer to all. Let’s examine the benefits of container tracking service now!

What are the Benefits of Container Tracking Service?

When you decide to purchase the container tracking service on the ShipsGo system, you will receive;

Notification emails:  

  • You’re going to receive a container tracking notification mail about your shipment which summarizes tracking information such as vessel name, loading/discharge /transhipment ports and dates etc. You can also follow your container shipments on the live map by clicking the ‘Go Live Position’ button at the same e-mail. 
  • We’re going to inform you whenever any changes take place during the voyage of your shipment.
  • You’re going to receive an arrival notice on the day your container shipment arrives at the port of discharge(POD).
  • If your shipment does not gate out from the port of discharge (POD), you’re going to receive a “Release Alert” notification. Besides, when the shipment gated out, then you’re going to receive a “Gate Out” alert. 

My Routes & Campaigns: ShipsGo ocean route finder provides you to search the best shipping routes from port to port. We serve you the easiest and the most accurate one-step route finder. We also offer to the companies; banner advertising that can be placed on the route search area at ShipsGo.com. The companies add their banner ads on the route area in our route finder module. They can easily view the per “click and view” rates of these banner ads from their dashboard. Depending on the number of routes, the charge of banner advertisement differs.

Route Search Statistics: Route Search Statistics Allows you to analyze and assess all searched routes data that you have on the dashboard.

My Trackings: ShipsGo system creates a chronological order for all of your container tracking requests so that you can see your tracking requests listed on the dashboard.

Tracking Statistics: On Shipsgo Dashboard, the statistics of container trackings that you made will be displayed. Briefly, ShipsGo turns your container tracking into valuable statistics in your account. In this way, you can reach many statistics such as the import/export and cross trade rates, the rates of the shipping lines (carriers) you work with besides weekly, monthly, and annual rates of your shipments based on “TEU” and container count.

Sub Account Management: ShipsGo users can create sub-accounts for their customers or branch offices. Sub-accounts can use the main features of the account such as container tracking, dashboard, and notification emails. The main account can access all shipping data and transactions of sub-accounts. However, the sub-account couldn’t reach any data or operation of the main account or other sub-accounts.

Tracking Email Customization: You can choose the design of the notification emails that you will receive.

ShipsGo Container Tracking API: If you choose to integrate the ShipsGo container tracking API into your website or enterprise system, you will receive valuable and detailed information about container status to serve your customers and enhance your company’s logistics functions by using the ShipsGo database.

Live Map I-frame: One benefit that comes with the API integration is the live map. Live Map shows the live position of your container wherever it is. The live map option has been created to increase the transparency of the transportation and supply chain visibility.

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