International Ports continue to gain importance in the dynamic global trade environment. The World Port Ranking 2023 comprehensively assesses the world’s most prominent and influential ports. This ranking serves as a compass guiding the maritime industry, companies, and global organizations, providing foresight into these international ports’ connectivity, efficiency, and capacity.

The World Port Ranking 2023 offers a crucial glimpse into the ever-evolving dynamics that drive the movement of shipments across the globe.

List of the Biggest Sea Port Ranking in the World

Ports Country TEU's (2022)



43.5 Million



37 Million



31.1 Million



28.8 Million

Guangzhou Harbor


24 Million


South Korea

22 Million



23,71 Million

Hong Kong


17.8 Million



21.8 Million



15.3 Million

Top 10 Busiest Ports - 2023 Updated List

We will review the Top 10 Busiest Ports under the title of World Port Ranking. The Port Ranking list is updated every year and changes according to the trade volume and trends in the world. Let’s look at it listed according to the current 2023 data.

Port of Shangai - China

Shanghai Port is an international maritime port located near the eastern banks of the Yangtze River in the Republic of China. Renowned as the most extensive and active port concerning container capacity and maritime traffic, it is the world’s largest.

Port of Singapore - Singapore

Singapore Port is the second busiest port and significantly affects world trade. Its primary role is being a transit port. Nearly 80% of the transactions are carried out as transfer transactions. These ports cover more than 120 countries.

Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan - China

Ningbo-Zhoushan Port is located in the south of Shanghai. The port’s impressive throughput is driven mainly by transporting essential mineral products, including a range of manufactured raw materials.

Port of Shenzhen - China

Shenzhen Port is the 4th busiest port in the world and the 3rd busiest port in China. Many global transportation companies have established their own warehouses in the Shenzhen Port. It is a region with the title of China’s Silicon Valley, and large companies such as Tencent, Huawei, and SenseTime have their headquarters in it.

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Port of Guangzhou - China

Guangzhou Port is located in the Pearl River Delta region.  Guangzhou Port has quay cranes reaching up to 65 meters to serve the largest container ships in the world.

Port of Busan - South Korea

Busan Port is an essential place for South Korean trade. The port was established in 1876 to work between Korea – China – Japan.  It receives investments and grows in line with the goals of the South Korean government. It ranks third among transit ports.

Port of Qingdao - China

The Port of Qingdao is between two metropolitan cities, Shanghai and Beijing. The port is well-connected to major cities and industrial regions in China through a comprehensive network of roads, railways, and other transportation infrastructure.

Port of Hong Kong - China

The port of Hong Kong is provided with nine modern container terminals. It is the region’s very essential for international trade. Despite its size, it efficiently meets the demands of over 470 global ports. Supported the economy of the ısland, the port facilitates approximately 90% of the country’s business activities.

Port of Tianjin - China

Tianjin Port is the largest and busiest port in northern China. As the essential gateway to Beijing, China’s capital, the Port of Tianjin boasts historical significance as one of the region’s oldest ports. It is a significant global hub, fostering connections with 150+ countries and 600+ ports. However, an incident in 2015 temporarily halted its expansion plans.

Port of Rotterdam - Netherlands

The port of Rotterdam is located in the Netherlands. This port is essential for the Netherlands’ economy and European trade volume because Rotterdam Port is the most significant and busiest port in the European area. The port is famous for its sustainability criteria and efforts for this content, in addition to the city of Rotterdam, connected to other countries by roadway and railway.

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