Planet & Society

The welfare of our world and society is our number one priority. As ShipsGo, we aim to increase social and environmental awareness by having a positive influence on the environment and acting for the greater good.

ShipsGo supports Unicef.

We are supporting Unicef for the well-being of all children and to achieve lasting results.

We want to ensure that disadvantaged children around the globe have access to living, health, education, and improvement. With this guideline, we have become the regular supporter of Unicef to sustain and encourage its efforts.


As ShipsGo, we are taking steps to make a difference.

Sustainability is one of the essential mainstays for operating at all times by following principles on conciliating environmental, social, and business concerns. We put these principles into practice and work as the ShipsGo Academy team to create studies that raise awareness in logistics.


International Organization for Standardization; safety and quality of products and services are the priorities of ISO

We have been certificated ISO 27001 to provide our services to meet customer expectations according to internationally regulated quality standards.
ISO 27001 sets out our commitments to responsible business. This means creating an environment that will keep the data secure internally and provide safe services to our customers.