How a Manufacturer in Turkey Established its Container Line and Achieved Digitalization?

Oba Makarna is a producer of pasta located in Turkey. The company offers 50 different products to its consumers in more than 110 countries, including Turkey, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, Britain, Germany, China, South Korea, and India.  Let’s explore Savana Shipping Line’s collaboration with ShipsGo!

How did the Savana Line come about?

The pandemic process, which affected trade worldwide, also caused some problems in logistics operations. The inadequacy of containers in many locations disrupted the supply chain operations of export-oriented manufacturing companies. They faced difficulties in the order fulfillment of their customers and lost their market share. According to The Economist, “Containers are the building blocks of global trade. And at the moment, shippers cannot get enough of them (February 2011). This situation has also remarkably increased the freight rates. Some companies have developed solutions to overcome this problem. Oba Makarna as a shipper, also solved this problem by establishing its own container line shipping company.

Oba Makarna established its own shipping company to solve the container crisis it experienced during the pandemic process. This company, called Savana Line, has eliminated the problem of operating with four container ships. Savana Line also stated that they had purchased more than ten thousand containers for the operations. 

How did Savana Line meet ShipsGo?

Savana Line wanted to differentiate itself with digital tools and increase customer satisfaction as a brand-new shipping line. They decided to use the ShipsGo Live Container Tracking service.

ShipsGo live tracking tool provides freight forwarders and cargo owners container tracking on a live map. Most freight forwarders prefer to integrate ShipsGo Live Map on their websites so that their customers can reach the live position of their shipment in seconds by simply entering the container number. 

Savana Line decided to integrate ShipsGo Live Map on their website and became the first shipping line to use the live map in that way. Savanna customers reach the live position of their shipments through the Savanna Line website. It not only increases customer satisfaction and digitalization of the company but also decreases phone calls and mail traffic due to the famous question: “Where is my shipment?” 

Last but not least, users could avoid unexpected costs like dispatch, demurrage, and customer losses by being informed about shipment arrivals, pending, and delays. 

Today, all companies cooperating with Oba Makarna and working with Savana Line enjoy easy-integrated, cost-saving live tracking with a friendly budget.

Customer Feedback:

Firstly, We asked our customers for feedback on the service they received from ShipsGo. They also said, “We are very happy to cooperate with Oba Makarna – Savana Line and ShipsGo. With ShipsGo, our customers learn their container tracking information practically and quickly, facilitating the information flow. Our customers can track their shipments on a 24/7 live map using their container numbers. The IFrame is quickly integrated into our website. By quickly integrating IFrame into our website, we were able to quickly track our containers on a live map.”