SEGEA is using ShipsGo container tracking service

SEGEA (frozen food exporter) was established in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2010, and the company’s trade are mainly based on frozen foods. They successfully export frozen food containers to 14 countries such as Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Guinea, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo Algeria, Armenia, Israël, Georgia, Haïti, Hong-Kong, and Viet-Nam. In order to create easy, cost-effective, and efficient transportation, SEGEA started to use a cold store, near the port of Antwerp to offer better service to its clients. The company has a steady volume of about 15 000 TEU that exports per year.

Approach: ShipsGo BCO Package

SEGEA became the user of ShipsGo container tracking service in 2018 and the company has been gained a lot of advantages from the service since that year. For instance, before using container tracking service SEGEA the frozen food exporter had to call the freight forwarders or carriers in order to reach the information related to their container/s on a specific voyage. The company could not reach the gate-out date of their containers or was not able to check the transit ports arrival and departure date before using ShipsGo so the company had to contact carriers and forwarders again. Because of that, the supply chain department was losing time for tracking and the resources were not used efficiently. After using ShipsGo, they have been getting all the information they need with a simple mail format in a few minutes. As a result, SEGEA can use its resources to focus on planning and customer satisfaction rather than container tracking.

ShipsGo shipments statistics feature also provided the company great options for reporting. For instance, before, the statistics of the total number of containers on the way and the monthly, yearly, import, export, country, shipping line-based shipment statistics were made by using excel sheets. Fortunately, Shipsgo shipments statistics offered SEGEA the all statistics automatically. In this way, no extra effort is needed for reporting anymore. Last but not least, thanks to ShipsGo SEGEA can also analyze the carrier performance as well.

After all, SEGEA owner Geoffrey Serrurier says “There has been a reduction in the number of people and time required to keep the information related to our container shipments. The container notification emails, which we have been receiving from ShipsGo, affected our decision of the carrier selection for the next shipment and has had a positive impact on our shipment process”.

Outcomes: Measurable and Solid Outcomes

Get rid of unnecessary calls for container tracking.

Minimizing time and human effort for tracking a container.

Receiving shipment statistics reports automatically.