Altun Logistics and ShipsGo IFrame Container Tracking Co-Working at a glance

The company was founded in 2006 with the name Nokta Shipping. In 2016, the company changed its brand to Altun Logistics.  The company is headquartered in Mersin and has branches in İstanbul, Egypt, and Belgium. The Group offers a full range of services in international logistics; Intermodal transportation, National and International Road Freight, Airfreight, Sea Freight, Warehousing, Ship Agency Services, and Terminal Services. Altun Logistics has 40 employees, has adopted the principle of “Everything for Logistics.” and provides service quality and reliability at every stage in the logistics pipeline. Let’s read more to know how Altun Logistics uses the IFrame tool!

Approach: Freight Forwarder

Altun Logistics Has been using ShipsGo Services 

Altun Logistics has been using ShipsGo services in the “Sea Export&Import Department” to give tracking services for the shippers for five months. The company’s top management is aware of the importance of innovation and digitalization in logistics services. The competitiveness of Altun Logistics is based on updating processes concerning rapidly changing technology. The digitization mindset of the company has well adopted the ShipsGo Iframe tracking tool on the website of the company.

ShipsGo gives IFrame (Inline Frame) technology to its customers. An IFrame is an HTML document embedded inside another. The IFrame HTML element is often used to insert content from another source. Altun Logistics has installed the tracking IFrame in a very short period and started to allow its customers to track their containers on a live map without any restriction.  The customers, by using their container numbers, can track their customers on 7/24 on the live map.

“Having a live tracking tool on our website has significantly increased our traffic on our website.” says the Sales & Operations Manager of Altun Logistics, Mahmut Gök. The company has attracted 5000 additional visits in 4 months thanks to the IFrame tracking tool. This service also has increased customer satisfaction with the company.

Altun Logistics’ shipment performance is more than 25K TEU in a year. Before ShipsGo, they used to spend at least 1 minute per shipment. After using ShipsGo, the company has decreased tracking time by 10 %. Altun Logistics benefits from the “Release Alert” and “Gate Out Notification” services to decrease the demurrage costs. Altun Logistics gets a message if its container is not released from the port within the given free time. In addition to that, they receive “Gate Out” dates of their discharged containers from the ShipsGo platform.


•    Altun Logistics has attracted 5000 additional visits in 4 months thanks to the IFrame  tracking tool

•    The company has decreased tracking time by 10 %