On March 26, 2024, the Key Bridge in the Port of Baltimore collapsed after being hit by the Singapore-flagged ship Dali operated by Maersk. In the article we shared on the day of the Key Bridge Collapse, we shared the first details of the incident and the actions we took as Shipsgo. Today, we want to summarize the developments two days after the incident.

What Happened the Port of Baltimore after Key Bridge Collapse ?

When the container ship Dali hit the Key Bridge, unfortunately, some people were on the bridge. From that moment on, Coast Guard teams started to search for people who had fallen overboard. But as you can imagine, the current in the sea, the dark time of the accident, and the magnitude of the accident made the whole process difficult.

Here are some of the developments following the accident:

  • According to Guatemala’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, two of the six workers missing after Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse are Guatemalans.
  • The US Coast Guard halted the rescue effort for six workers trapped on the bridge after it collapsed. Commander Shannon Gilreath told reporters that the US Coast Guard did not believe they would find survivors.
  • Maryland Gov. Wes Moore told reporters that the crew had called in a “mayday,” which allowed the authorities to stop the traffic before impact. It likely saved lives.
  • The collapse of the Baltimore port, which has halted all ship traffic indefinitely, could negatively impact the local economy. It may also strain supply chains or cause delays in deliveries along the US East Coast.
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Shipsgo’s Actions for Baltimore Port

We closely and carefully followed the incident with our expert operation team from the first moment it happened. As we mentioned in our previous Shipsgo Blog, we informed our customers who had shipments on the ship.

Following our detailed research, we notify over 150 shipments in the following process. We will closely follow the process for our customers’ affected and potentially affected shipments/containers.

In addition, there is currently no clear date for the reopening of the Port of Baltimore, and many modes of transportation need to find a new port. We will see how this process affects the supply chain.

We are attaching the official announcement made by the Port of Baltimore for you: