Today, we’ll give some details about the cargo Loading Plan, Supply Chain Visibility, and the advantages of using ShipsGo and EasyCargo in these cases. Manage your supply chain and transportation processes while planning your shipments at the same time. So, how can we do this?

Let’s dive in and discover ShipsGo and EasyCargo system details. 👇🏼

How do you use ShipsGo and the EasyCargo systems combined?

Land transportation is essential if you have cargo that needs to be transported from point to point. Your organization will have the upper hand if your shipment reaches the ship in the most advantageous way. EasyCargo helps load cargo and containers in the most profitable way for its customers by virtually planning it out beforehand. 

You can use the ShipsGo Container Tracking tool to track your loaded containers. Container Tracking service is essential for supply chain visibility. It will save you time and money by providing support at every step of the process.

What is EasyCargo?

EasyCargo User Interface
EasyCargo User Interface

EasyCargo is known as a load planning software for trucks and containers. The online truck and container calculator helps you plan the most optimized loading of cargo items available in a particular cargo area. Just enter the sizes and requirements of the cargo items you will load onto a shipment, and EasyCargo will provide you with a solution for the load plan. You can print out the loading plan details from within the app as well as share the result with your customers or business partners with a link if you so choose.

What are the advantages of EasyCargo?

  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Localized to 14 languages.
  • Step-by-step load instructions.
  • Axle load weight calculations.
  • The best 3D visualization in the industry.
  • Manual load plan adjustments.
  • Ability to use API integration.
  • An unlimited number of load plan calculations.
  • Support for Imperial (inches, pounds) or metric (centimeters, kilograms) units.

If you would like to benefit from these advantages, EasyCargo offers a free trial for the first 10 days.