Major shipping companies have decided not to pass through the Suez Canal due to recent events in the Red Sea. MSC is one of the most important companies in the sector, and in their latest statement, they announced that they will only pass to the west and east of the canal once the Red Sea passage becomes safe.

What Happened in the Red Sea?

As the entire world pays close attention, there is an ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, leading to a war. The effects of the war spread across the region and had global repercussions. Some interventions against container ships on the Red Sea were among the ongoing events. In particular, the drone attack on the Maersk ship aroused widespread concern. Subsequently, the interventions increased and almost made trade on the route impossible.

Shipping companies reroute ships out of the Red Sea

Here are the shipping firms that avoid the Suez Canal as Red Sea attacks:

  • Hapag Lloyd suspended their ship traffic in the Red Sea until December 18 and has yet to decide on the future.
  • CMA-CGM stopped its vessels heading to the Suez Canal.
  • COSCO – OOCL stopped their voyages to the Israeli region.
  • MSC announced that it will operate many of its voyages via the Cape of Good Hope and updated its sailing schedules.
  • MAERSK announced that it would pause all vessels bound for the Red Sea / Gulf of Aden over the highly escalated security situation in the area. ( 19 December 2023 )

Actions taken by ShipsGo in relation to affected shipments

We are deeply concerned and devastated about the ongoing war and collectively hope for its swift resolution. During this challenging time, we are dedicated to keeping our users informed about all the processes and ensuring visibility for their shipments on the Red Sea route.

Our system and operation team follow the process closely and identify all affected shipments to provide email notifications and updates to our customers. Our teams have confirmed that some of the cargoes affected so far on this route were transported by Maersk and Hapag Lloyd. There were a total of 119 shipment status changes, and we sent instant email notifications to our users for their own shipments.

For ShipsGo users: Affected carriers and vessel names

A total of 119 shipments were tracked. Instant support was provided to 40 customers, who were informed through instant notifications.

Hapag Lloyd

The container ship Al Jasrah, operated by Hapag-Lloyd, was hit by a missile fired from the area, causing a fire on deck. As ShipsGo we are constantly searching for updates to inform you about the current situation at the Red Sea.

Vessel Name: Al Jasrah

Affected Shipments of ShipsGo users: 44 Shipments


Near the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, a missile was directed at the Maersk Gibraltar ship. According to the information we have at the moment, it would not be wrong to say that the shipment most affected by this situation in the Red Sea refers to this ship.

Vessel Name: Gibraltar

Affected Shipments of ShipsGo users: 75 Shipments

A blue banner refers ShipsGo container tracking

Why Tracking at ShipsGo?

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Overall, ShipsGo container tracking platform is an essential tool for anyone using Wan Hai Lines Line shipping lines for their shipping needs. Its user-friendly interface and real-time updates make it a reliable and efficient way. For to stay on top of your shipments and ensure that everything arrives on time and in good condition.