What happened in the ship – crane accident in Kocaeli ?

Kocaeli crane accident occurred while the ship named YM Witness belonging to Hong Kong-based Yang Ming company was docking in Evyap Port. As a result of the ship’s inability to stop and maneuver sufficiently while docking, it dropped three cranes. Containers also fell overboard during the incident.

Certainly, we are aware that the incident was very risky, and the health of the people working in the port was at risk. We feel their pain deeply.

Another impact of the incident is the disruption of transportation and organizational processes due to overturned cranes and containers falling into the sea. The accident may affect shipments in the port (Gate-In Status) and shipments scheduled for loading (Booked Status). Some disruptions may occur due to a possible increase in time, possible damage to containers, and other operational delays.

What is the approach of ShipsGo to the Kocaeli Crane accident?

As ShipsGo, we are closely monitoring the terrible accident at the port. Our expert operations team is monitoring affected and potentially affected shipments. We are notifying our customers of the affected or potentially affected shipments identified by our team.

The process poses some challenges not only for the ship involved in the accident but also for other vessels. The operational processes have slowed down considerably in the part where the cranes collapsed, which will affect the estimated voyage times of other vessels.

Our expert operation team is inspecting and transferring your Gate-In and Booked shipments to you in the fastest way possible and will continue to do so throughout the process. In addition, it may also affect ships that still need to be in port (Gate-In is empty), and our team is informing you about such potential delays.