Tracking Notification

After sending a container tracking request to ShipsGo, the first check is done by the automation of ShipsGo, which we call Kraken. Kraken; At that moment, it sends you the tracking information it finds about the container you sent the request to you as an e-mail notifications & alerts.

Then your shipment;

  • If its status changes,
  • If any date related to the journey of the shipment changes
  • If the port names change, you will receive a notifications & alerts e-mail.

If we want to explain with an example:
You will be notified when your shipment is Sailed, you will be notified when your shipment arrives at POD, and you will be notified before arrival if there is any date change or a change in ports.


  • Release Alert: If your shipment has arrived at POD, discharged (transferred from the ship to the port), and has still not been Gate Out even though 5 days have passed since the discharged date (the owner has not pulled the container from the port), a Release Alert is sent. Release Alert; your shipment is sent every 5 days without Gate Out.
  • Gate Out Confirmation: A “Gate Out” notification & alert e-mail is sent when your cargo is withdrawn from the port by the buyer.

About ShipsGo

ShipsGo’s vision is to make people happy with the information. Since our journey in the container transportation business began.
We have been trying to organize the shipping industry’s information and make it accessible universally. We have developed two well-known products in the digital container transportation market; Container Tracking and Service Finder. These two products were developed for “visibility” in container transport. We provide information on the current position of containers and carriers’ route performances (transit time and reliability). We have reached 5,000 daily searches on our website from 70+ countries and plan to reach 30,000 daily searches worldwide.