According to the Italian National Operations Center, the collision occurred on Monday, April 22, between the container ship HAYRIYE ANA and the container ship EF OLIVIA, about 14 miles south of Capo Passero on the southern tip of Sicily, near the ports of Syracuse and Catania.

The Italian Coast Guard quickly responded to the accident, while Guardia Costiera deployed an aircraft, a helicopter, and a ship for monitoring. The Guardia Costiera reported that the collision site was not polluted. After the collision, both EF OLIVIA and HAYRIYE ANA were redirected along the Sicilian coast. According to the most recent marine traffic AIS data, the container ships are moving towards the north, and their status is “restricted mobility.” HAYRIYE ANA only suffered minor damages, while the hull of EF OLIVIA sustained punctures.

Shipsgo Approach for EF Olivia and Mother Hayriye Accident

As Shipsgo, we took quick action after the accident. Our expert operation team quickly started the investigation and analysis process. The investigations were critical for informing our customers about the process and informing the affected shipments.

Based on the detected information, 134 shipments of Shipsgo users were identified, and notifications were made quickly. Determining that 43 different users were affected, our team established one-to-one private contact with the users. They communicated detailed information on the subject, and it was conveyed that information will be provided with instant notifications in the future.

A blue banner refers ShipsGo container tracking

Details of the EF Olivia and Hayriye Ana Accident

The collision has not been revealed in any further deepest detail. However, the Guardia Costiera’s footage indicates that weather conditions were severe at the time of the collision. EF OLIVIA (42,200 dwt) is a container ship Peter Doehle manages. Built-in 2006, it is registered with Portugal and was to sail to AUGUSTA port on Monday. HAYRIYE ANA belongs to a Turkish shipping line. The 8300 dwt Liberia-registered left Istanbul, Turkey, on April 19, bound for A CORUNA in Spain, which was expected to arrive on April 29.

The HAYRIYE ANA was recently inspected, and several defects were found. Chinese maritime authorities reported several deficiencies in November 2023, including issues with the vessel’s VDR. In January 2024, the Greek authorities also noted deficiencies on the vessel. This further highlighted the need to conduct safety and maintenance checks.