Badanes Logistics at a glance

The Badenes company was established in 1932 and it is operated by the fourth generation of the Badenes family. The company is headquartered in Valencia and has branches in Madrid. Badenes Logistics offers personalized customs advisory service, door-to-door logistics solutions for the entire supply chain, and specialist training. The company is committed to providing full effectiveness in logistics. One of the strongest aspects of the company is that its teams of professionals are solution-oriented, fast, and accessible in the face of any problem.

Company: Badenes Logistics

Approach: Freight Forwarder

The company has been using ShipsGo services, including ShipsGo container tracking and TeuSmile Network, for a year now. Also, Badenes currently uses ShipsGo “Live Container Positioning Map” on their website to give tracking services to its clients.

ShipsGo live position map on the Badenes website

Badenes Logistics stated that before using ShipsGo, they struggled with e-mail and phone trafficking. Also, it was more challenging for the company to keep all information related to their container shipments. According to the company, after using ShipsGo tracking services, their phone calls and mail traffic lessened. There has been a decrease in the time and number of people required to track the containers and keep the information related to their container shipments. Also, there has been a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

One of the other benefits ShipsGo provides to companies is notification e-mails. ShipsGo sends regular e-mails automatically (having the company’s logo) to notify customers about the position of their containers. So, Badenes Logistics customers never see the ShipsGo brand in the e-mails.

The company gives the tracking service to its customers and in doing so, they made ShipsGo’s live positioning map available to their customers on the Badenes website.

Using ShipsGo tracking services has brought many advantages to Badenes Logistics. First of all, ShipsGo’s secure and modern nature is appreciated by Badenes Logistics, while the company also praises ShipsGo’s customer-friendly pricing policy. Both parties happily share minds that working together creates added value.

After Badenes Logistics Uses ShipsGo

Here are some points that happened after Badenes Logistics started using ShipsGo services:

  • Increase in the digitization of the company
  • Increase in the supply chain visibility by ShipsGo positioning map
  • Growth in the customer satisfaction
  • Decrease in the amount of time for container tracking
  • A reduction in the efforts for container tracking
  • Drop in the amount of time needed for creating reports of the shipments