Maersk and CMA CGM have joined powers to collaborate on efforts to reduce carbon emissions – decarbonisation partnership. These leading ocean carriers believe their partnership will accelerate the shipping industry’s transition to a more environmentally sustainable future. CMA CGM and Maersk have set ambitious net zero targets for shipping operations identified scalable technologies with the potential to impact this decade significantly, and proactively initiated measures to support decarbonization in the shipping industry.

In addition, both companies are investing in the asset of environmentally friendly ships. Maersk has recently committed to purchasing vessels using methanol as a primary fuel source. Meanwhile, the French shipping company has ordered LNG (liquefied natural gas)-powered ships that seamlessly transition to bio/e-methane, the environmentally friendly substitute for conventional LNG. They also align with their sustainability goals by supplying vessels designed to run on biomethanol.

CMA CGM Group chairman and CEO Rodolphe Saadé said:

By combining the know-how and expertise of two shipping leaders, we will accelerate the development of new solutions and technologies, enabling our industry to reach its CO₂ reduction targets. We are looking forward to being joined by other companies.

What do Maersk and CMA CGM Decarbonisation Partnership Initiative Support?

Maersk and CMA CGM have ventured into a collaborative effort to advance the adoption of eco-friendly alternative fuels for pushing containerships. Their specific initiatives include:

  • Developing high standards for alternative sustainable, green fuels and helping to set the framework of mass production of green methane and green methanol.
  • Improving and upholding safety and operational standards for green methanol-powered vessels and expediting the readiness of ports worldwide for bunkering and supplying bio/e-methanol at strategically significant port locations.
  • Continuing to explore jointly R&D on other components of the net zero solution as new alternative fuels, like ammonia, or innovation technology for our ships.

A.P. Moller – Maersk CEO Vincent Clerc said:

A.P. Moller – Maersk wants to accelerate the green transition in shipping and logistics and to do so, we need strong involvement from partners across the industry.  We are pleased to have an ally in CMA CGM and it’s a testament that when we unite through determined efforts and partnerships, a tangible and optimistic path towards a sustainable future emerges.

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Methanol Fuel Ships and Shipping Industry

Methanol is usually produced from natural gascoalbiomass, and carbon dioxide sources. Ships using these fuels are called Methanol Fuel Ships.

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