Methanol fuel is an alternative product from methanol, defined as liquid alcohol. Methanol is usually produced from natural gas, coal, biomass, and carbon dioxide sources. Ships using these fuels are called Methanol Fuel Ships.

There are different types of methanol;

  • Grey Methanol
  • Brown Methanol
  • Blue Methanol
  • Green Methanol

Gray and brown methanol is produced from fossil wood raw materials such as natural gas and coal.

Blue methanol has a lower carbon value than gray and brown methanol. It is associated with hydrogen conversion.

Green methanol is produced from biomass and renewable energy sources (electricity etc.).

There are some different methanol types. There are Brown Methanol, Grey Methanol, Blue Methanol, and Green Methanol.
Different Types of Methanol

If we want to examine the use of methanol in the shipping industry, the main usage area will, of course, be ship fuel.

So what are these Methanol Fuel Ships? Let’s examine. 🠗

Methanol Fuel Ships

What is Methanol Fuel Ship?

Ships using methanol as their primary fuel source are called methanol fuel ships. As we mentioned at the blog’s beginning, these ships may use different sources according to methanol types. It is a cleaner burning fuel with lower emissions than traditional marine fuels.

These ships have been the focus for a while to reduce environmental concerns and emissions. So, are these really sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Methanol Fuel Ships and Sustainability

The fuel resources used are very important for sustainability and carbon emission reduction. According to classical fuel types, Gray and Brown methanol types don’t have different features.

When Green and Blue methanol types are not used, the carbon emission released does not change much. It is very important to use sustainable resources. In this way, it is possible to reduce carbon emissions. If you are concerned about your carbon emissions and want a sustainable future, we at ShipsGo care about this.

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The First Green Methanol Powered Containership

Maersk's announced the first Green Methanol containership.

Maersk launched the world’s first container ship capable of navigating on green methanol. The ship has a capacity of 2100 TEU and is 172 meters long.

This containership will cruise the Baltic shipping route on the Maersk subsidiary Sealand Europa network. In the information announced on the official website of Maersk, it has set a zero-emission target for 2040 and increased green methanol ship orders.