The container shipping industry plays a major role in global trade, facilitating the transportation of goods through various channels such as seaways, airways, railways, and highways. However, this industry also has a consequential impact on the climate and environment, contributing to air pollution, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainability and carbon offset services are very crucial at this point.

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For example, The CO2 emissions of the world’s 15 largest ships are equal to the emissions of 760 million cars. In addition to these massive ships and their impact, ports are also responsible for tons of CO2.

Nevertheless, an average of 417.2 parts per million CO2 were present in 2022, a rise of more than 25% in just 50 years.

Carbon Offset is viewed as a quick, straightforward, and practical way to motivate action to reduce the effects of climate change.

What is Carbon Offset?

Fossil fuels play a critical role in the current state of the global economy, particularly in transportation. The significant capital invested in fossil fuels and their affordable and practical energy output make them the backbone of transportation operations.

The service balances the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions during shipping operations. It is a necessary process to prevent the effects of climate change and to breathe cleaner air. Companies and organizations can use the ShipsGo Carbon Offset service to offset their carbon emissions during business processes. This is a certified and approved method. The institutions will make this certificate mandatory for companies and organizations over the years.

ShipsGo Carbon Offset Service

As a ShipsGo, we are concerned about climate change and understand the importance of sustainability.

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A lot of carbon dioxide is released by shipment transportation. In addition, carbon emissions occur during port operations.

carbon offset service shipsgo

We can calculate the emission amount for your organization. The calculation process is quick, straightforward, and practical. Calculate now…

carbon offset service shipsgo

You will receive a verified certificate.
We cooperate CDP Accredited Provider program, the GRI Community, and Semtrio, a United Nations Global Compact member. Get certified now…

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