SASA at a glance

SASA is a leading producer in the world for polyester staple fibers, filament yarns, polyester-based and speciality polymers and intermediates (DMT). Combining and blending a leadership responsibility in the industry with a robust technical inheritance and a high production capacity, SASA successfully manages the whole process from design to production and distribution.

SASA began its activities in the polyester sector in 1966. Since its establishment, the company has been one of the pioneer corporations in its field, demonstrating rapid growth thanks to incessant investments.

As of 30th April 2015, Erdemoğlu Holding became the principal shareholder of SASA with 51% shares by acquiring all SASA shares of Sabancı Holding A.Ş. and 49% of stocks are offered to the public. Following the mandatory share purchase process completed in 2015 August, Erdemoğlu Holding A.Ş.’s share ratio reached 84,80% in SASA Polyester Sanayi A.Ş.

Having Dynamit Nobel, ICI, and Dupont technologies in its know-how database, SASA has a robust technical infrastructure thanks to its leading production plants with high capacities, its qualified employees of over 1500 people and its Research and Development Center established in 2002.

SASA’s central production facility is located in Adana and established on a field of 1.250.000 m². Its raw material storage facility is located in İskenderun.

Among Turkey’s most exporting companies in 2017, SASA ranked 76th in Turkey

Approach: ShipsGo BCO Package with ERP Integration

SASA uses ShipsGo services both in inbound (import) and outbound (export) logistics activities. The company employs 11 different container shipping lines in its shipments. After the integration of ShipsGo with SASA’s SAP-ERP system, the company can collect information from ShipsGo system concerning the location of containers and ETA about the related POL/POD port. By using this information, they can follow all of their containers through the live map. This map is also shown on TV Screens located in the production site as a sign of how global company  SASA is.

In addition to the standard reports and alerts of ShipsGo, SASA IT Team developed customized reports and alerts concerning the expectations of logistics/transport departments by the help of the data supported by the ShipsGo. For example, SASA’s sales department, at the beginning of each week gets the information of all containers to arrive and starts to communicate buyers to accelerate the payment process. “This customized report eased the payment collection of our company,” says IT Manager Ali Dilbas. He also adds “we are planning to develop customized reports very soon.”

SASA also allows his customers to follow their containers by live map. The customers can reach the position and the other details of the container merely by entering the container number. Customer phone traffic has decreased by 40 % after this service according to the Sales department. “We also observed cost reduction depending on the “release alert” notifications in terms of demurrage costs,” says IT Manager Ali Dilbas.

With the other service provided by ShipsGo, when our customers enter the container information on our company’s website, they can reach the information about where the container is coming and the estimated time to arrive at the port on the world map. Customers’ phone traffic has decreased by 40% in the sales department.

Outcomes:  Measurable and Solid Outcomes

•    API integration process with SAP-ERP system with ShipsGo.

•    Increased customer satisfaction due to the visibility of the containers.

•    Customers’ phone traffic has decreased by 40% in the sales department.