According to the Coast Guard, the Singapore-flagged container ship Dali hits the Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge. Officials confirmed that part of the span carrying Interstate 695 collapsed.

Many videos and images have been shared on social media. In the first information, it is not clear whether there are dead or injured. Experts are at the scene and are conducting research on the subject. Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott tweeted the following about the issue:

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Key Bridge Images After the Accident

Key Bridge Breaking
Baltimore Key Bridge

The Francis Scott Key Bridge across the Patapsco River, Baltimore, Maryland, collapsed in recent minutes after being hits by the container vessel Dali of Singapore.

Dali - VesselFinder
Dali – VesselFinder

Shipsgo’s Approach to the Key Bridge Accident

On the other hand, the container ship has carried many containers, and the shipments may have been damaged. After the accident, transportation delays and many potential problems are on the schedule. As Shipsgo, we inform our customers who have cargo on board, and our expert operation team is closely following the process.

We will keep you informed as new progress occur.

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