Have a critical shipment for your organization ever been delayed? Delays in international seaway transportation trouble both carriers and organizations. The parties request that such delays not occur. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the most common causes of shipment delays and provide tips for avoiding such situations.

We’ll also explain the benefits of ShipsGo, a platform that can help track your shipments from a great variety of trustworthy carriers to minimize the risk of delay; also, it’s useful for saving you from constant checking and searching.

Let’s dive into the 10 most common causes of shipment delays!

The Most Common Causes of Shipment Delays

Shipment delays have many causes, including customs issues, weather disruptions, and communication errors. Mitigate delays with proactive measures, like optimizing customs processes ( like notifications/alerts), monitoring your shipments on one dashboard, and enhancing communication. ShipsGo’s real-time tracking minimizes risks, ensuring smoother international trade.

The Easiest way of Shipment Tracking with ShipsGo
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What could cause shipment delays?

Weather Related Delays
Carrier Related Delays
Incorrect or Missing Shipping Information
Customer-related delays
Peak Seasons
Consumer Preferences
Lack of Visibility
Port Congestion
Global Events
Trucking Problems

How Can I Avoid Shipping Delays?

Shipment delays can disrupt business organizations and fail forwarders/carriers or other related parties. We will explain how you can avoid the delay reasons we mentioned above.

How to Avoid Carrier-related Delays?

To ensure on-time delivery, shippers should choose reliable carriers and stay in contact to receive constant updates on the shipment process.
In this case, you may use ShipsGo Service Finder service. Click here…

How to Avoid Incorrect or Missing Shipping Information?

To prevent it from happening, customers should double-check all information before shipping and check if they have up-to-date/accurate information registered.

How to Avoid Issues Caused by the Peak Seasons?

It will be a period in which every product will peak in world trade. You should set a strategy according to the nature of your products. In addition, it is essential to carefully follow the events that may occur and the trends that may change.

How to Avoid Lack of Visibility?

Fortunately for you, we have a great solution to this problem! Let us introduce you to Shipsgo, a container tracking platform that lets you track your shipment and get notified whenever there is an update in its process. With ShipsGo being incredibly easy to use, thanks to its simple and interactive UI (User Interface), you can track your shipment as easily as it should!

How to Avoid Port Congestion?

To decrease the possibility of such an event happening, businesses need to keep an eye out for supply chain strategies to mitigate the problems caused by port congestion and traffic.

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