Supply chain visibility is now a crucial component of modern business operations. It speaks of the capacity to track and manage to move from their point of origin to their final destination along the supply chain. By deploying cutting-edge technologies and data-driven solutions, companies can get real-time insights into inventory levels, shipment status, delivery duration, and production processes. This visibility makes it possible to make the right decisions, optimize operations, and boost customer happiness. It allows companies to spot operational facts, reduce risks, and streamline processes, allowing them to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced industry.

So what can we do, and what tools can we use to manage and optimize our supply chain more effectively?

Improve Supply Chain Visibility with Container Tracking Service

The container tracking service helps you with so many points in managing your supply chain and the visibility of your shipments.

Time Management and Savings

Shipment tracking service makes it possible to easily and quickly track all your international shipments on one dashboard.

We seem to hear what you’re saying. So how can I track my containers?

  • Simply visit the ShipsGo homepage for container tracking.
  • Select a carrier of shipment.
  • Enter the Container / Booking / Bill of Lading number.
  • And track shipments easily.
ShipsGo Container Tracking Service

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Using the Container Tracking service will be very beneficial for your operational processes. It saves you extra paperwork. Efficiency will increase as it saves time. Your area of control will expand, and you will have more power over your supply chain.
With ShipsGo API Integration, you can automate your processes and save more time.

Sub-Account Management

ShipsGo users can create Sub-Accounts for their associates and co-workers. Sub-Accounts can use the main features of the account, such as container tracking, user dashboard, and notification emails. The main account can access all shipping data and all settings of the account. Sub-Accounts will have different access levels depending on the role they’re assigned. For more details, check out the Sub-Accounts section of your ShipsGo dashboard.

Easily Shipment Tracking with Shipsgo
ShipsGo Shipment Tracking

Live Map for Supply Chain Visibility

ShipsGo offers its clients the ability to check the actual location of their shipments on a Live Map thanks to satellite data. This Live Map solution is visible for every shipment on the My Shipments page of your dashboard and on the tracking notifications. The live map option has been created to increase the transparency of transportation and supply chain visibility. In addition, our clients are able to integrate this solution into their websites to increase website traffic and provide tracking services to their clients.

Avoid Demurrage Cost and Detention Pay

Problems in terms of time may lead to additional costs such as demurrage and detention. Periodic operational intensities, limited time, and natural errors can cause these costs. If you want to be protected from costs such as detention and demurrage, ShipsGo Container Tracking Service will help you with this by following the release situation of your containers and providing alerts for not released or released ones.

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