We welcomed our 1000th client.

We have achieved a significant milestone and welcomed our 1000th client in July 2022. We are honored and proud to perform this great success as a crew. Reaching the first 1000 clients was an important bar for our entire team.

1000 clients from 90 countries

Every success is the result of solid teamwork. In July 2022, as the ShipsGo team, we had the excitement of welcoming our 1000th client. We worked for 1000 customers from 90 countries to seamlessly monitor and manage their supply chain. We have tracked over 2 million shipments and checked each shipment an average of 150 times for our users on this journey. Our biggest objective was to make information accessible and visible to people and make them happy. As a team, we believe that we are on the right track to achieving this goal and continue to work wholeheartedly with this motivation.

To the next 1000 clients!

We are taking firm steps towards making our company one of the leading players in the sector, and we would like to thank all our clients who have contributed to us in this journey. To the many “1000s” that we will climb the ladder of success together.🥂