ShipsGo API Integration

The ShipsGo API v1.1 is organized around REST. Based on your HTTP header accept value (application/json, application/xml) our API returns JSON-encoded and XML responses and uses standards HTTP response codes, and verbs. For all methods the content type must be selected as url-encoded.

See also our Help Center.

ShipsGo API Authentication

You have two ways;

If you already have a ShipsGo account you can generate your API Key through ShipsGo API section of your dashboard. Login from here

If you haven’t created an account yet sign up here for free.

ShipsGo API Attributes

For the Status Payload attributes and shipment movements’ relationship with ShipsGo data explaining unique situations and rules, please see API Mapping PDF.

POST - BL Number - Custom Form

Create a tracking request with Master Bill of Lading Number





Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


  • {referenceNo} is optional.
  • If you don’t know the {shippingLine}, enter the value as OTHERS.
  • The {shippingLine} should be written down exactly as in the shipping line list.