Goodbye 2022

Yes, it’s time! The time to look back on this year’s notes. While we are already peeking ahead to next year, looking back on this year’s highs and lows is a great way to say goodbye to 2022.

We experienced a challenging pandemic and economic volatility in the previous years, and we can certainly say that 2022 was more productive and sunnier than the last years. It was sunnier because we achieved great things with you. What are these great things, you say? Let’s wrap up!

The Aha! Moments of 2022

This year, we got a lot of comments from you. When we summed up all the comments, it turned into, “Oh, that could be really helpful for me.” Lots of those who visited for the first time had their Aha! Moments with our services and became our beloved clients.

We wanted to highlight these moments because we saw that many people resort to different ways of container tracking and do not realize how effortless the solution can be for them. This year we presented our solutions to the masses who were yet to discover that they could be aware of every step of their shipments.

A second Aha! Moment came from our visitors who started using our service finder tool free of charge. ShipsGo is mainly known for tracking containers. However, it’s more than that. Let’s say you are an exporter in the USA and looking for services that can transport your shipment from Long Beach to Shanghai or anywhere in the world. Service Finder lists the shipping lines that can carry your shipment, the latest shipments on that route, and their transit times. Service Finder also lists the freight forwarders providing services on the selected route to manage the whole transportation process for you according to their popularity and contact details.

While we are closing this chapter, we must display what we are talking about. What did we achieve with the Service Finder tool? Here it is all:

The number of users searched on the service finder

You have searched over 900K seaway routes in our Service Finder tool, and these are 2022’s most searched shipping routes by you.

The top 3 seaway routes

We Went Beyond!

At about the same time last year, while writing the 2021’s wrap, we had reached 65 countries; this number is now 96 and still increasing.

ShipsGo serves 96 countries.

Thanks to you, we remain present on all continents and in these 96 countries! Here are the top 3 countries that benefit the most from ShipsGo in 2022.😊

The top 3 countries use ShipsGo the most

We are built on a foundation that embraces all cultures, countries, and people. For this reason, we aimed for each individual to have the best website experience in the most comfortable way and reach the service they deserve.

To achieve this goal, and at the same time to keep up with digitalization, with solid steps, we completely renewed our website interface and user panel in March. It was a challenging and necessary change for us and our users, but we all loved the results!

Also, we have added 6 new language options to our homepage this year so that people from all over the world don’t need to go out of their comfort zone when they visit our website. Our work will continue until we make all of our pages multilingual and add more languages.

6 new languages added
Over 1200 clients

Likewise, while we closed 2021 with 650 customers, this year, the number increased to over 1200. It means we added over 550 new members to our family in only one year. These expansions give us so much pride and joy. 

The growth of the customer

We track. We grow.

6 productive years have passed since our establishment. During these six years, we have formed a dynamic team, reached noteworthy milestones, and kept broking our records. We track; that’s what we do. With your trust, we have reached over 2.5 million container trackings approaching this year’s end. We made over 100 shipping lines’ containers traceable for you.

The most used carriers

We checked each shipment in our system an average of 150 times. We contacted you over 150 thousand times and made you happy with the information. We have developed many new features in 2022. One is a new generation analytics section in the user dashboards where you can reach insights about your shipments, routes, carriers, and ports and enhance your decision-making process. On the other hand, the other one has a special place in our minds and hearts due to the purpose of creation. We started to measure Co2 emissions to raise awareness of its effects on global warming and depletion. More features and products are yet to come so soon.

We have accomplished all these thanks to you. We wish for a year in which we will grow and develop much more together and contribute more to the digital world. 🥂