ShipsGo Air Tracking Service

We are excited to present you with the beta version of the ShipsGo Air Cargo Tracking Service. Our air tracking beta version is now available on your ShipsGo user dashboard. Air tracking is intended to provide information about your air cargo’s position. As one of the visionary names in the container transportation industry and container tracking innovations, we get the importance of total visibility of your shipments, whether they are transported via seaway or airway. That’s why we are working as a team to offer you shipment visibility during transportation regardless of their transportation mode.

Another good news for ShipsGo customers is that you’ll get 20 free credits every day to try ShipsGo Air Cargo Tracking’s beta version. You don’t have to worry about your current seaway container tracking credits in your account because these free air tracking credits are separate from them, which means you can give our air cargo tracking service a try without worrying about your existing credits. The beta is not ready for trial accounts yet, but the pro accounts will be able to try our air tracking beta.

ShipsGo Air Cargo Tracking beta is a newbie to our comprehensive tracking services portfolio. ShipsGo is dedicated to offering innovative solutions that go above user needs, from ocean shipment tracking to now air cargo tracking. We believe that we are a visionary company in container tracking innovations. That’s why we always work to improve our tracking services, so our customers can get the best tracking solutions available in the market.

We have started our countdowns for the full version of the Air Cargo Tracking service that will come after the beta. We look forward to providing you with the most efficient and fastest tracking services. For now, try our beta version to discover and stay tuned for the full version that is actually coming so soon with full of details and features.

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