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One of the useful content of ShipsGo is the reports it offers. These reports, presented with information from the tracking requests you submit, are great data for your company’s supply chain, planning, and export-import departments. So how do you create a report? Report Subscription presents😎

You have come to the “Report Subscription” section on your Dashboard. When you click on the “Create” button, you will see the “Report” section on the screen that appears. There are eight types of reports that you can already create. Except for the contents of these eight reports, if you want a different report, just contact us.

After selecting the report type, you need to set a period for the report to be delivered to you daily or weekly. Add the e-mail addresses you want the report sent to in the e-mail address box, one below the other. You can complete your report request by selecting Creator and Follower accounts.

You can review the types of reports we offer below.

  1. All Tracking Requests
  2. Sailing Shipments
  3. Discharged Shipments
  4. Not Released Shipments
  5. Gate Out Shipments
  6. Booked Shipments
  7. Transhipment Pending
  8. Delay Shipments Report
report subscription