ShipsGo – Digital Container Tracking Platform

ShipsGo’s vision is to make people happy with the information. Since the beginning of our journey in the container transportation business, we have been trying to organize the shipping industry’s information and make it accessible universally. We have developed our well-known two products in the digital container transportation market; digital container tracking platform and route finder. These two products were developed for “visibility” in container transport. We provide information on the current position of containers and carriers’ route performances (transit time and reliability). We have reached 5,000 daily searches on our website from 70+ countries and plan to reach 30,000 daily searches worldwide.

11 March 2019 – This week, ShipsGo is celebrating its third anniversary following three years of rapid technology development for digital container transportation. The company now gives its services to more than 160 countries, with ambitions to make shipping better for BCOs, carriers, freight forwarders.

Launched on 11 March 2016, the idea behind ShipsGo was to achieve “ship together go better.” According to the CEO of the company, Merdan Erdogan, this paradigm is still valid.

ShipsGo increased the number of services in 2018. In the middle of 2018, the company launched a new dynamic algorithm “Octopus” based on the big data generated by the container shipping ecosystem movements. Since then, thanks to this unique algorithm, the company has started to introduce new services to provide cost optimization, fewer transshipment, and shorter transit times for all stakeholders in the shipping community.

Merdan Erdogan, CEO of ShipsGo, commented: “with ShipsGo, we are making what our industry needs; combining the industry knowledge with the technology. The adaptation of technology in the shipping industry needs special attention. Without understanding the industry structure and mechanism, you can not solve the problems of our partners with technology only. We have achieved a lot in the last three years, but the journey of ShipsGo is far from finished – our goals are still high. ”

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