The format of the bill of lading

Most of the shipping lines formed their MBL numbers as SCAC + master bill of lading numbers. If your BL number does not follow this format, it may be a house bill of lading number, not the master.

How can I track containers?

Carrier lines should specify the container number, BL, or booking number so that you can track the container of your load. Having one of these three references and the carrier’s name is enough to track your shipment.

Can I track the house bill of lading number?

Unfortunately, only MBL numbers, booking numbers, and container numbers are accepted for shipment tracking in the ShipsGo system. 

What is the BL number?

The Master bill of lading number (MBL) is a unique reference that carrier lines allocate. The format of an MBL is composed of letters followed by numbers and varies according to the carrier line.

Which carriers does ShipsGo provide tracking support for?

ShipsGo container tracking service offers its users accurate container position data from over 100 carrier lines.

What is the container number?

A container number is a unique reference that carrier lines allocate, and it is also marked on the container door. The format of a container number should be composed of 4 letters (company code) followed by 7 digits.

What is the booking number?

A booking number is a reservation number that the related carrier or its agents provide. When you book a container, you need to be supplied with this number.