The Adventure of SHPG1234567 Container on ShipsGo

Now we are going on a journey with you to understand how to track the new shipment in ShipsGo Dashboard. It is a journey that describes the time from the point of departure to the shipment’s destination. Fair winds following seas!

Let’s say our shipment is called SHPG123457, and it will go from Aliağa to Antwerp. Cansu, who works in a company that produces bicycles, wants to know where and in what status her shipment is by tracking containers. For this, she discovered ShipsGo, created an account, and started using ShipsGo.

How to Track New Shipment?

Firstly, she opened her page by clicking the “Track New Shipment” button. There are two options in front of it. One is a Single Shipment, and the other is Excel Upload. Cansu wants to send a container tracking request for shipping one with free credits. For this reason, Cansu will continue using the Single Shipment option.

Track New Shipment

1. Reference Number: Cansu exports bicycles to China, so she creates the China-Bicycle reference code. Thus, she classified her shipments. In fact, the subject of the notification e-mails sent for this transport will be “China – Bicycle.”

2. Carrier: Cansu agreed with MSC to carry her shipments. For this reason, she selects MSC in the carrier section.

3. Track with Since Cansu has the container number, it will track the container with the “container number.” For this reason, she chose the “container number” option.

4. Container Number: Cansu continues by typing SHPG1234567 in this field.

5. Shipsment’s Tag: Cansu is currently testing ShipsGo. When she likes the service and buys credit, she will send a tracking request for many shipments. It will display these shipments in the “My Shipments” section. With Shipsment’s tags, she can classify her shipments. 

For example, you can specify a tag as China – Bicycle – 01. This way, when you click on the “China – Bicycle – 01” tag on the dashboard, all shipments under this tag will be displayed.

7. Shipsment’s Follower: Cansu works in the supply chain department of this company. She is responsible for sending the products from one place to another. Cansu uses ShipsGo, but since she has added the mail of Cagil, who is responsible for exports to China, as a follower, notifications of SHPG1234567 will also be sent to Cagil.

How to Track New Shipment?