Introducing ShipsGo New Version

Let’s face it: Everything is evolving and improving. Consequently, we decided to enhance our website according to the requirements of the developing tech age and created a new version of ShipsGo.

Adapting to the digital world, where competition is increasing day by day, is of great importance for ShipsGo. Therefore, we continuously expanded our vision and perspective over the years and came up with a new idea; creating a unique design with a fresh modern look.

Why a New Version?

It’s basically because the old version of wasn’t enough to carry all the data; it was slowing things down, the features needed to be explained more, and we wanted to catch a contemporary look; in a nutshell, the design typically required a refresh.

What Changed?

We are presenting a new look full of features and customized services on the new 

We extended our contents, have positioned ShipsGo tools so that you can use them in the most efficient way, and have created guiding blogs to give you more information about carrier lines, the containers they are transporting, and lots of logistics news. We can list many more features but will put them across in the rest of the blog.

If you are interested in taking advantage of a super transparent supply chain and a visible business opportunity, read on to learn how to improve your business by utilizing ShipsGo services.

What are the Advantages of the new Version? 

  1. Easier-To-Use
  2. Simple container tracking
  3. Effective service finder
  4. Extended contents
  5. Improved and functional navigation bars
  6. More actionable
  7. Easier to integrate
  8. Easier to manage


We are a Saas company aware of the user’s demand to understand our services as soon as they enter our website and how these services benefit their business. We aimed our users to think, “That’s what I need.” so we redesigned a look to navigate the users to their goals and help them understand our services and tools.

Simple Container Tracking

ShipsGo container tracking tool allows you to locate your container’s live position and gives you all the information you need:

Port of loading, port of discharge, transshipment points, transit ports arrival and departure dates, loading and discharge dates, vessel and carrier names, and estimated arrival time

In our new version, we present you more effortless and faster container tracking experience, with a simple look and exclusive vision for container tracking. 

Effective Service Finder 

We got over 85K ocean route searches monthly through our service finder tool on the homepage. We knew that the demand for route searches was increasing every day, and we desired to make everything the most accessible and efficient for you. So, from now on, you will be able to search your port-to-port ocean routes via its separate page. The fact that our service-finder and container tracking tools have their own pages will make your searches even more effortless.

Extended contents

Our blog page will no longer be somewhere around the corner. We have created an interface where you can instantly find the content you are searching for. Various articles, blogs, case studies, event news, and everything about ShipsGo are waiting for you in the new version.

Improved and functional navigation bars

We are driven to develop the most efficient methods for you. So, we have placed up-bar indicators where you can find more information on ShipsGo. These navigation bars will make it easier to follow the website flow, find what you are looking for, and save time. 

More actionable

It might be challenging to understand how to find your way in our old website layout, like finding the pricing schedules, creating an account, or maybe finding API documentation… It’s all in the past now; time to move on with our smooth and actionable version. We have designed the website in the best way possible for you to reach your goals.

Easier to integrate

If you have a significant volume to track, our API is the best option for you. You automatically post tracking requests with a container, master bill of lading, or booking number and receive voyage data in XML format with our API’s POST and GET method. It’s suitable for your SAP, ERP and CRM systems and the integration takes only a few hours. 

Our technical support team will be on assistance before, during and after API integration through Live Chat, e-mails and video conferences. 

Easier to manage

Monitor all your shipments in one place. After you register ShipsGo and confirm your account, you will be able to access your own dashboard with the user name and ID that you enter through the registration process. The dashboard layout has been designed for simplicity; you will be able to renew credits, reach automated shipment reports, see statistics, monitor all shipments, and operate your business effectively.