ShipsGo is proud to carry the  ‘Unicef Platinum Wing’

ShipsGo has become a supporter of the UNICEF Platinum Wing Programme. We want to contribute and ensure that disadvantaged children around the globe have access to living, health, education, and improvement. So, we wholeheartedly support and encourage UNICEF’s efforts to ensure that all children in the world have equal rights. All children deserve a better “now” to make a marvel “future” that’s why ShipsGo has long made UNICEF donations so they can all write their own stories.

Unicef platinum wings certificate for ShipsGo

Our journey started in 2020 with UNICEF. We first took a step for the health of children in 2020; tetanus vaccines were donated on behalf of every ShipsGo customer, and in 2021, we made donations aimed at creating equal opportunities in education for the brains of the future, and educational materials have been supported on behalf of our customers. ‘Life-Giving Gifts’ are real. They save lives, they change lives; with our donations, we have sent gifts that reach where they are needed most, in over 190 countries UNICEF serves. We are driven to make the world more livable for children and that is why we are honored to be a regular donator to UNICEF.

At the end of 2021, ShipsGo was lucky enough to be called a UNICEF supporter and holder of the UNICEF Platinum Wing. As of 2022, Shipsgo contributes to long-term projects that will create positive and sustainable changes to ensure that children in need have access to fundamental rights and needs, with regular monthly donations. We want our children to have a lifetime smile on their faces, and we are working and supporting them to achieve that goal.

You can find the video of the story between Unicef and us here. ☟