Goodbye 2023

Yes, it’s time! It’s time to recap this year’s numbers. It’s always good to look back on a year to recognize our missteps and relive good memories! We have experienced many breaking points, which carried us to this point in 2023. And honestly, this year has been great because we’ve accomplished great things with you. Let’s dive into this year’s key points.

A glimpse of 2023 for ShipsGo

Looking back at 2023, we have achieved great things as the ShipsGo family. There were thousands of shipments to follow, notifications to send, and routes to be updated. As a team, we handle them throughout the year with great motivation.

total container tracking world side

If we put all the containers we’ve tracked this year side by side, it goes around the world 1,6 times.

We reached 1600+ customers in 2023, and it felt great!

Having customers from 118 countries created new horizons for us.

We expanded our capacity each day like you and were able to provide you with the tracking service that covers 110+ carriers.

Our efforts reached the right audience, and this year, 700K people looking for container tracking services visited ShipsGo.

These notifications were generated by checking all your shipments multiple times a day and emailed to you, keeping you informed of every shipment status update and perhaps avoiding thousands of dollars in demurrage costs. Besides the notifications, our teams continued to serve you 24/7 and worked to deliver instant solutions to your every need and request.

New Steps Have Been Taken in 2023

This year, we have introduced many new products, including:

  • Premium Service Finder
  • Air Cargo Tracking Beta
  • Port Area Emission Tracker
  • Company Insight
  • Carbon Offset

But the goals are bigger for 2024.

ShipsGo 2024 Goals

Air Cargo Tracking: After container tracking, we are driven to be a frontrunner in air cargo tracking.

GoDigital: We are ready to offer our experience to make your company a pioneer online.

Spain Office: We are going through a new horizon. ShipsGo Barcelona office is set to open its doors in 2024.