Shipsgo is an online shipment tracking platform that provides real-time visibility and instant notifications for shipments and covers over 120 shipping linesShipsgo goes beyond simply tracking shipments, providing a holistic solution to optimize and streamline shipment operations through a comprehensive dashboard, email notifications, alerts and other solutions under it’s roof.

Now we are initiating an opportunity to offer more free tracking credits so that everyone can easily experience our product.

How to Start Using Shipsgo?

Shipsgo offers users a credit system. One container tracking credit equals one Bill of Lading/Container No/Booking No tracking request in the system. Each business has different needs when it comes to shipment tracking, according to your shipping volume, you can easily calculate the total price with our price calculator.

Along with the many advanced features, Shipsgo offers bonus credits before checkout and welcomes you with coupons that provide you with extra shipment tracking credits.

A blue banner refers ShipsGo container tracking

How to Get Free Credits from Shipsgo?

It’s easy. You can earn free credits and make the most of your Shipsgo experience by following these steps:

1. Sign-up

Upon signing up for Shipsgo, you’ll receive 5 complimentary trial credits to explore the platform’s capabilities. But the opportunities to earn free container tracking credits don’t stop there. Here are some additional ways to maximize your usage of Shipsgo:

2. Follow us on Linkedin

By following Shipsgo on Linkedin, you can stay up-to-date with industry news and platform developments while earning 5 free credits.

3. Review on G2 and Capterra

 By sharing your experiences with Shipsgo as a review on G2 and Capterra, you’ll receive 5 free credits. This not only helps others in the industry who are searching for a similar solution but also allows you to track more containers without any time limitation.

4. Create a Shipsgo Referral on Your Website

By mentioning and telling about Shipsgo on your company’s website (writing content such as articles, blog posts or case studies) you can raise awareness about its capabilities while earning 5 extra credits in return.

Please be aware that free credits may only be utilized once per published content (has at least one link directing to Shipsgo). If you’ve taken advantage of it already, reclaiming it for that same referral content won’t be possible.

5. Make Your First Purchase

When purchasing 500 credits, Shipsgo automatically adds an extra 50 credits to your shopping cart. These extra credits increase as the credit volume increases, meaning that you can gain more extra free credits as you increase your desired credit amount. This opportunity provides an even lower cost per credit.

6. Bring a Friend to Be a Shipsgo Customer

By inviting industry peers to Shipsgo and encouraging them to become a Shipsgo customer, both parties receive 10 free credits. This presents a win-win opportunity for businesses looking to improve their container tracking processes. The more friends you refer to, the more credits you’ll get. If you enjoy using Shipsgo, share it with others and watch as your credits increase over time!

The various ways to earn free credits on Shipsgo provide an excellent opportunity for supply chain professionals to explore and benefit from this advanced tracking platform.

If you take a screenshot for each step you complete and send it to email address. We can confirm your action and upload your credits to your dashboard. Also please note that once you submit your review on G2 and Capterra. It may take up to 72 business hours to be published according to their policy.

Reviewers whose review is not published will not receive free credits.