What is a Service Finder system?

The service finder system is a free service of ShipsGo. The Service Finder displays the shipment services, carriers, and freight forwarders between the ports. You are going to see a port of loading (POL) and a port of discharge (POD) search bar on the ShipsGo website.  

After clicking the search route button, you are going to see the most popular ports first. If there are other ports you want to choose, don’t worry. ShipsGo lists it for you by country. You can scroll through the list. You may find limitless combinations for your shipment. 

ShipsGo Service Finder –

Advantages of the service

  • You can see the carriers and forwarders for free. 
  • Service Finder system has a limitless combination.
  • You can compare the forwarders according to their popularity.

Find the forwarders

We know you want to work with the best forwarders to deliver your shipment quickly. We help you find the best forwarder services. When you press the list button, they will be listed for you.

Find the carriers

The service finder tool is here for you when you want to find carriers for your shipment. It lists the successful companies in the sector by providing detailed information.

When you click the ‘Details’ button, you can view the ‘Date Of Departure, Date Of Arrival, Transit Time’ information.

Can I get a quote?

We are not providing quotes for shipping or the containers in the Service Finder tool. However, you can visit the detail boxes next to the forwarders we have listed to contact them and get quotes. Also, our related service is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Can my company appear in the Service Finder?

Of course, you can show up on the pages. When you submit a container tracking request with the ShipsGo container tracking tool, your company can appear on that route as the shipment is complete. 

All you need is to contact our team via: sales@shipsgo.com