What is a Premium Service Finder?

Time is money in any business, but logistics makes this truth all too apparent. Every second spent searching and waiting can add up quickly to costs; therefore, we will demonstrate how to eliminate unnecessary time and effort spent searching for carriers and forwarders to handle your shipments with Premium Service Finder’s help – saving hours while making more informed decisions in this complex field of container transportation.

The Premium Service Finder system is a route/carrier finder service of ShipsGo. It displays the shipment services, carriers, and freight forwarders between the ports. You are going to see a port of loading (POL) and a port of discharge (POD) search bar on the ShipsGo website.  

Benefits of the Premium Service Finder

  • Variation
  • Save Time, Focus More
  • Real Data
  • Extras

Premium Service Finder 101

Recently, Service Finder became a premium model with four packages designed specifically to address each unique need of our users.

Subscription Plans

Service Finder Premium allows you to select Personal, Team, Business, and Enterprise packages. We offer monthly plans with no commitment or long-term benefits with annual subscription plans. Whatever works for you is our top priority!

P.S. You can also try Service Finder in three routes for free.

1. Variation

Our product opens a world of opportunities. Accessing over 300K routes lets you quickly search for carriers and forwarders serving those routes – saving hours spent manually researching. 

P.S. You may already have an existing ShipsGo account. However, you still need to create a separate account to maximize both platforms at their full potential.

2. Save Time, Focus More

Imagine saving hours of your valuable time by quickly and easily finding the most preferred carriers at the top for your routes and specialized forwarders ranked by volume on the routes you are looking for so you can freed up to focus on other tasks or simply relax!

3. Real Data

Service Finder Premium simplifies the decision-making process by giving you access to actual transit times based on the actual movements of over 100 carriers and the contact information of freight forwarders. This invaluable information enables you to select your service provider confidently.

4. Extras

Service Finder users with annual Team, Business, and Enterprise subscriptions will also be rewarded with a generous amount of one-time-only container tracking credits, which allow you to monitor shipments while staying ahead of the game seamlessly.

A blue banner refers ShipsGo container tracking

👉🏻 Find the Forwarders

We know you want to work with the best forwarders to deliver your shipment quickly. We help you find the best forwarder services. When you register, all you need to do is press the button, and forwarders will be listed for you.

👉🏻 Find the Carriers

Service Finder is here for you when you want to find carriers for your shipment. It lists the successful companies in the sector by providing detailed information.

When you click the ‘Details’ button, you can view the ‘Date Of Departure, Date Of Arrival, Transit Time’ information.

Why Use Premium Service Finder? 

  • See all carrier results on a single page within seconds – saving time and gaining an edge against the competition!
  • Access over 300,000 routes and choose carriers by comparing services with actual transit times.
  • Find the most preferred carriers at the top of the page.
  • Compare services with actual transit times.
  • Save your time & take advantage of the competition.

Take this chance to simplify your logistics, improve efficiency, and save both time and money – upgrade to Service Finder Premium today for shipment transportation like never before! Get going now to ensure an effective, informed, and profitable process!