Welcome to ShipsGo Digital World!

ShipsGo digital services aim to make people happy with the information. It’s not always an easy task to do, especially in the maritime world, but we believe we’ve taken firm steps forward to build it. Let’s dive a little deeper into our services which companies already use in more than 60 countries:

Live Container Tracking     

Service Finder    

What do we offer?

  • Live Container Tracking
  • Service Finder
  • Advertisement
  • Analytics

ShipsGo -
Live Container Tracking

  • Receive voyage summaries of your shipments. 
  • Tracking with Container or MBL number via Excel upload or API integration.
  • Reach the live position of your containers during the voyage. 
  • Get Alerts and Notifications for delays and updates.
  • Track and manage your shipments on an easy-to-use, real-time dashboard.
  • Subscribe to automated reports based on statuses.

 😊 Happy Point

  • You can integrate our Live Map into your website as a white-label product.
  • We can send notification emails with your company logo and domain to your clients.

ShipsGo - Service Finder

  • Find the best service and its provider for your next shipment.
  • Reach the shortest transit time and transshipment details based on actual data.
  • Get in touch with popular freight forwarders providing services for each route.

😊  Happy Point

  • ShipsGo clients appear on the Popular Freight Forwarder lists for free.

ShipsGo - Advertisement

  • Increase your visibility on Service Finder, which has more than 5000 searches daily.
  • Expand your market with ShipsGo’s advertisement services.
  • Be recognized by your target market of seaway transportation.
  • Analyze your ads’ performance with a user-friendly dashboard.
Tracking Guideline

ShipsGo - Tracking Analytics

  • All analytics you need in one fast, user-friendly, and report creation-based dashboard.
  • Analytics based on Performance, Volume, and Prediction are created using your actual tracking data.
  • Carrier and route comparison statistics.
  • Detailed statistics of your trade activities on a TEU basis.
  • Comparison of your data with ShipsGo total data.
  • Carrier and route-based CO2 emission statistics and more.