CO₂ emission in shipping

We should know that with the increase in maritime trade, the effect of CO₂ emissions has also started to be of great importance. In the last few months, we have all very much perceived the importance of the shipping industry to the global economy, with commercial ships transporting 90% of global trade.

The changing world and the impact of CO₂ emissions

We can say that the shipping industry has become the main vein of world trade with the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic; with the onset of the pandemic, humanity started a new era of online shopping. While imports and exports inevitably expanded around the globe, we have witnessed many crises like insufficient space, traffic in the ports, and scarcity of resources.

Well, while world commerce has increased so vastly and shipping companies are producing more and more vessels every day and releasing them into the water, have you thought about the impact of this situation on the world? This article will underline the sustainability in the shipping industry and ShipsGo‘s attitude on the matter.

Transport and logistics emit 3.5 billion tonnes of CO₂ every year. Transitioning to a net-zero economy by eliminating emissions in the sector has become the priority of the world shipping giants trying to reach the 7th and 13th goals of the United Nations “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG’s).

ShipsGo will indicate CO₂ emissions

ShipsGo has stepped into a new study to raise awareness of all our users on the sustainable shipping industry. In the ShipsGo Academy’s “Environmental Sensitivity For Container Transportation” study, we examined the importance of being environmentally sensitive in carrier company selection. We concluded that for most BCOs and Forwarders, this criterion is of great importance. In other words, we observed that the people related to the industry attach importance to sustainability and the environment, so we worked for a development where they can see the environmental impact of the voyage they are tracking. All of our users will be able to monitor how much carbon is released during the container’s voyage they tracked. We have updated the beneficial notification emails they always receive and included the carbon emission during transportation.