Transmec de Bortoli Group Espana Uses ShipsGo Digital Container Tracking System

The company was founded in 1983, with the name of General Transport Espana. In 2003, the company was integrated into Transmec De Bortoli Group. The company is headquartered in Madrid and has branches in Barcelona and Granada. The Group offers a full range of international trade services: National and International Road Freight, Airfreight, Sea Freight, Cross Trade, Customs Brokerage, Warehousing, and Logistics services. Its team’s skills and steady commitment permit Transmec de Bortoli Group to provide customized services and international trade consulting.

Approach: Freight Forwarder

The company has been using ShipsGo services mainly in the “Sea Export Department” to give tracking services to the exporters for two years. In 2019, they plan to use those services in the “Import Department,” too. Before ShipsGo, tracking was not a standard service in the company. Tracking information was given only to the customers when they asked for it. For two years, the “Sea Export Department” has sent regular e-mails automatically (with the company logo) to all customers for notification of the position of the containers via the ShipsGo tracking module. Customers never see the brand of ShipsGo in the e-mails. ShipsGo acts as the outsourced tracking department of Bortoli Group.

The company gives the tracking service to its customers for free. The company’s strategy is to use it as a sales tool. “We offer our tracking service as a value-added tool to potential customers; we gain new customers due to this service,” says the Director of Transmec De Bortoli Group, Max Albella.

Working with ShipsGo changed the way of doing business. Before ShipsGo, the “Sea Export Department” never requested the Master Bill of Lading number information from the shipping lines. They used to work with container numbers. However, a Master of Bill of Lading number may represent many container numbers. ShipsGo charges to the company by shipment (a container or a Master of B/L). Now, the company pushes the shipping lines to get the Master B/L number and decreases the costs of tracking.

After Transmec De Bortoli Group Uses ShipsGo

The company offers a standard tracking service for its customers

The tracking tool is being used as a sales tool and increases sales.