Merden Logistics has started to use ShipsGo digital container tracking services

One of the top logistics providers in Turkey, Merden Logistics, has started to use ShipsGo tracking services for the development of its customer service.

Merden Logistics installs the ShipsGo tracking IFrame tool for continuous container tracking. ShipsGo gives IFrame (Inline Frame) technology for its customers. An IFrame is an HTML document embedded inside another. The IFrame HTML element is often used to insert content from another source. This system allows companies to set up their tracking systems in a short time. 

After Merden Logistics Uses ShipsGo

Thanks to this IFrame technology, the customers of the company can track their shipments 7/24 on the live map. “Our service also includes sending alert notifications by e-mails to the customers of Merden Logistics. Our notification mail format is customized for the company and has the logo of it says Merdan Erdogan, CEO and the Co-Founder of ShipsGo.

About ShipsGo

ShipsGo’s vision is to make people happy with the information. Since the beginning of our journey in the container transportation business, we have been trying to organize the shipping industry’s information and make it accessible universally. We have developed our two well-known products in the digital container transportation market; container tracking and route finder. These two products were developed for “visibility” in container transport. We provide information on the current position of containers and carriers’ route performances (transit time and reliability). We have reached 5,000 daily searches on our website from 70+ countries and plan to reach 30,000 daily searches worldwide.