What is the API key?

You can consider this key as a communication code between your company and ShipsGo. After creating your account, you are going to have an API key. You can reach it through your dashboard under the integration section at the left sidebar.  


Thanks to this key, when the client sends the tracking request ShipsGo system recognizes the company name and stores the request to the company account. Then, our system sends the notification e-mail to you and your customers with your logo and e-mail address if you wish.

Besides, we use this key to calculate the consumption of your credits as well.

About ShipsGo

ShipsGo’s vision is to make people happy with the information. Since our journey in the container transportation business began.
We have been trying to organize the shipping industry’s information and make it accessible universally. We have developed two well-known products in the digital container transportation market; container tracking and route finder. These two products were developed for “visibility” in container transport. We provide information on the current position of containers and carriers’ route performances (transit time and reliability). We have reached 5,000 daily searches on our website from 70+ countries and plan to reach 30,000 daily searches worldwide.