What ShipsGo offers with container tracking API service?

ShipsGo container tracking application programming interface (API) allows you to integrate your website or enterprise system with ShipsGo container tracking service API request functionality and even more. Briefly, you will receive valuable and detailed information about container status to serve your customers and enhance your company’s logistics functions by using the ShipsGo database. Your enterprise will strengthen its capabilities by improving these processes’ efficiency while your customers are satisfied with easy-to-reach pieces of information from your website. 

The integration of container tracking API with your enterprise system is relatively easy and only has a few steps; you will save money, time, and workload. Reducing unnecessary container tracking costs and expenses such as software and hardware will enable you to create efficient time and budget management for other business operations. Another benefit of the ShipsGo container tracking API service is that; it allows you better ocean freight activity control and power.

ShipsGo container tracking (API) for your enterprise

Port of Loading and Port of Discharge: By integrating ShipsGo container tracking API, you will receive the name of the port of loading (POL) and the port of discharge(POD). Our container tracking API allows you to track your container’s journey from its starting point to its final point.

Carrier of the Vessel Voyage: One of the other relevant information ShipsGo API provides is the carrier’s name operating the vessel voyage.

Vessel: ShipsGo container tracking API gives the ship’s information such as; IMO number, and live location of the vessel. Having an international maritime organization number-IMO (the unique identifier of a vessel) and its live location is an essential requirement that increases visibility.

Arrival and Departure Dates: The API provides the departure date of the loading port (POL) and the arrival date of the port of discharge(POD). The voyage’s total transit time is another information the user’s systems get with ShipsGo container tracking API integration.

Transit Port Details: You can receive the number of transit ports, name of transit ports, loading and discharging date of the transit ports, and transit time between ports in seconds.

B/L Containers: Users send container tracking requests both by container number and master bill of lading(B/L) number via ShipsGo container tracking API. Besides, when users search the B/L number to the system, they receive all container numbers of which the B/L contains.

ShipsGo has ready-to-use samples of PHP and HTML codes and Console Application Project for web use. The samples have been developed to increase your user experience. We strive for our users to receive the best service and make them happy with transferring the information.