ShipsGo’s responsibility for container delays

ShipsGo is a digital container tracking platform with no direct physical connection to containers; in other words, ShipsGo is not accountable for delayed containers and issues such as your containers being affected by many external factors. However, in case of the estimated time of arrival changes, we notify you with notification emails. We recommend you contact the shipping line directly or your forwarder agency for reasons of delays.

The common reasons for your shipments being delayed

Your shipments may have yet to arrive at the destination port (Port of discharge) in the expected time due to many external factors. Although unexpected delays are unfortunate events, in such cases as; bad weather, port congestion, holidays, labor shortages, vehicle troubles, etc., there is nothing you can do.

An even more common situation that leads to delays is incorrect or misspelled documentation. You should prepare the correct documents to transport your shipments internationally. If you provide incorrect or misspelled documents, customs will delay your shipments. Also, it would be best if you implemented all the customs rules and regulations to prevent shipment delays. Another very simple and common mistake is giving the wrong address. If you provide a false address, your shipments may be seriously delayed. Before an international transportation process starts, check the address listed on the shipment and the country of origin multiple times.