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Analytics 360 - Carbon Emission

Analytics 360 is a tool that gives you reports with your data from ShispGo. This tool provides datasets and graphs that you can predict with the shipments you send tracking requests. This content has been created as a guide for you. It explains each component you see in the “Analytics 360” tab in ShipsGo Dashboard with visuals for you. In this content, the components in the “Analytics 360 – Carbon Emission” tab are explained.


You can make more environment-friendly decisions with the help
of Co2 emission analytics. On the left section, you can view Co2
emissions of your shipments differentiated by carriers. On the right section, you can view the average Co2 emissions of your shipments by selected time intervals. 

With Analytics 360 – Carbon Emission, we want to design a more conscious and sustainable future.Come take a step forward and learn about Carbon Offsetting from ShipsGo.