Artificial intelligence technology affects and changes all sectors. Of course, this situation will also affect the shipping and maritime sector. The maritime industry is very important for transportation and shipment transportation from different regions of the world. Although it is a large part of the global economy, it is always a sector open to development.

How can artificial intelligence affect this industry? Which features are available? How can AI take its place in the shipping industry? We will explore them in our blog.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Affect the Maritime Industry?

The maritime industry and shipping industries are constantly growing, and the needs of their users (consumers, carriers, forwarders) are increasing. Since it is a constantly active sector, optimization is mandatory. Optimization will provide a stable service return and increase satisfaction. It can be an important building block for automating many processes and ensuring stability.

Some points that can be improved with artificial intelligence are;

  • Autonomous Ships
  • Port Logistics
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Maritime Safety and Security
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Collision Avoidance

You can look at our blog in detail to learn more about these points. ➦

ShipsGo and Artificial Intelligence

ShipsGo makes container tracking stable and easily accessible with its artificial intelligence technology. When you enter a container number you want to track into the system, it offers you all the information with AI support.

API Integration makes container tracking service easier and more accessible and improves speed and stable service for its users.

ShipsGo API Integration

Bonus Content 🎁

It is possible to carry out many operations for transportation and container tracking through AI. But AI can sometimes make things more fun. As ShipsGo, we have transformed carrier companies into superheroes by using AI technology. Of course, their shared superpower is to move containers smoothly. 😂

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If the carriers were superheroes 🢃