In the modern world, two critical themes, carbon offsetting, and sustainability, have gained a significant position. One industry where these themes hold particular relevance is shipping. As the backbone of global trade, the shipping industry’s environmental impact is essential. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the concepts of “Carbon Offsetting and Sustainability in the Shipping Industry,”. Exploring how these ideas shape how goods are transported and the industry’s efforts to balance its operations with environmental concerns.

As ShipsGo, we understand the importance of the concept of sustainability. We include the concepts of offsetting and sustainability in our plans. Our active service, “Carbon Offsetting” has served our customers for a while.

About our ShipsGo Talks content, we periodically welcome guests from the industry, academia, and our company and chat about the industry. Our live broadcasts are on YoutubeLinkedin, and Twitter simultaneously. ShipsGo Co-Founder Okan Tuna moderates the live-streams. Our third episode took place about Carbon Offsetting and Sustainability in Shipping Industry.

ShipsGo Talks #3

In the third episode of Talks, our guests were the Product Manager of Climateware Duygu Dunbay, and the Sales Team Leader of ShipsGo Müge Mutluoğlu.

Our esteemed guests gave information and advice about sustainability and offset for the industry’s future.

Sustainable Shipping Industry and ShipsGo

The efforts and innovations made by the shipping sector actors prove the sector’s sustainability target. Despite a challenging journey, the shipping industry has taken significant environmental and operational steps.

This live stream evaluated the industry’s current state, focusing on emerging trends that have gained importance in recent years and are shaping the path ahead. In addition, we listened to the developments and future predictions about how this transformation is shaped by Climateware Product Manager Duygu Dunbay. And then ShipsGo Sales Team Leader Müge Mutluoğlu explained our Carbon Offset service and its use for the industry.

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