The container shipping industry is going through significant changes, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of global trade. Innovations and trends, like the incorporation of artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions, as well as sustainability practices, have profoundly impacted container transportation. These developments are expected to improve the industry’s efficiency, sustainability, and global supply chains.

Additionally, the container shipping industry has some issues. Although some processes that started with the onset of the pandemic have been largely overcome, some continue. The disruption of the supply chain and the effect of the Russia-Ukraine war also had some impact on the market.

What expect us in Container Shipping Trends in 2023?

We wanted to talk about what awaits the container shipping industry. And we started a new project: ShipsGo Talks.

About our ShipsGo Talks content, we periodically receive guests from the industry, academia, and our company, and we chat about the industry. Our live broadcasts are on Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter simultaneously. ShipsGo Co-Founder Okan Tuna moderates the live-streams. Our first episode took place about Container Transportation Trends in 2023.

ShipsGo Talks #1 – Container Transportation Trends in 2023 – Container Shipping and Tracking

In the first episode of Talks, our guests were Asst. Prof. Dr Onur Akdaş and Asst. Prof. Dr. Volkan Cetinkaya. Our esteemed guests gave information about 2023 container transportation trends in line with their research. The points they mentioned and parts of the video are as follows;

  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Container Transportation Trends
  • Findings and Reports about Cost of Freight
  • Environmental Sensitivity Index

You can find more detailed information by watching the live broadcast replay on Youtube. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to our channels on Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter to follow the rest of the live streams!

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What is Environmental Sensitivity Index?

An Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) map offers a brief overview of coastal resources that may face vulnerability during an oil spill. The map employs color-coded symbols to indicate the level of sensitivity, prioritizing areas for clean-up based on their susceptibility to oil contamination. The ESI map becomes a valuable tool for effectively responding to potential environmental hazards and safeguarding coastal ecosystems by categorizing and prioritizing these regions.

What is the Cost of Freight?

The Cost of Freight refers to the expenses of transporting goods from one place to another. It includes transportation fees, handling charges, insurance, customs duties, fuel surcharges, packaging costs, and any additional services required for the shipment. These costs can significantly impact the overall price of goods and are crucial for businesses to consider in their supply chain management.