What are the Ways to Send Goods from China to the United States?

You can manage to send your goods from China to the United States (USA) in various ways, and these are air freight, sea freight, and express delivery. Sea Freight is the most preferred and cost-effective way to transport goods internationally, especially for goods in large quantities. Transportation by the seaway allows you to send large, heavy, and non-perishable goods according to the shipping lines’ service routes, and their transit times depend on the routes.

It varies between 15–40 days from China to the U.S. The fastest way to deliver goods from China to the United States is air freight. Small, expensive, and time-sensitive items can be shipped via air freight, usually taking 3 to 7 days to reach their destination airport. Express Delivery is the best solution for the transportation of small and light items like documents, samples, and compact packages. Express shipping services are available from China to the United States from businesses. Like a DHL, FedEx, and UPS, and it normally takes 3 to 7 days for the shipment to arrive.

How to Choose a Shipping Line for Shipping from China to the U.S.?

Being new to international trade, shipping goods from China to the United States (USA) might be a challenging operation. However, you can streamline the procedure and make sure that your goods arrive hassle-free and on schedule with the correct information and resources. The ShipsGo container tracking platform should be among your most beneficial tools. 

ShipsGo is a platform for tracking containers and finding shipping services that can assist you in finding the most suitable seaway service choices for your specific routes, in this case, for sending products from China to the United States (USA). ShipsGo can help you in locating experienced freight forwarders to help with the procedure and shipping lines that can deliver your goods. 

Container Monitoring and Finding Seaway Services

ShipsGo Service Finder Actual Transit Times
ShipsGo Service Finder Actual Transit Times

The following are some of the major advantages of choosing ShipsGo as your platform for container monitoring and finding seaway services:

Comprehensive service: ShipsGo provides a range of services to help customers manage their shipping needs, including container tracking, seaway service finder, carbon offsetting, shipment analytics, and more. ShipsGo can display over 100 carriers’ container data, provide you with an extensive comparison of seaway services for your specific routes, and allows you to manage all your shipments in one dashboard that you can see every step of the shipping process in sea.

Simple: You can easily discover the information you require and manage your shipments with ShipsGo, which is user-friendly and simple to manage. Even for the newbees who are new to international trade, ShipsGo makes managing shipments so simple with its user-friendly interface and competent customer service.

Reliable: With the seaway Service Finder and TeuSmile Networking, ShipsGo can help you find reliable and trustworthy forwarders, carriers, and route options and ensure that your goods arrive at their destination in the fastest way and in good condition. 

Cost-effective: ShipsGo is one of the lowest-priced container tracking platforms and aims to provide economical shipment tracking solutions to its customers. ShipsGo works with a credit system, and 1 BL/container or booking number tracking equals 1 credit. A credit costs $2, but the cost per credit is greatly reduced according to your purchase volume. In addition, you get bonus credits as your purchase volume increases. Considering all this, we can say that ShipsGo is one of the best options for customers who are searching for an economical shipment tracking platform.

Cares about the environment: One of the most important solutions for balancing the carbon emissions of the shipping sector is carbon offsetting for sustainable container shipping. You can participate in the sustainable solution through ShipsGo for your shipping emissions by funding carbon offset projects.

All in all, ShipsGo is a great option if you’re searching for a reliable and user-friendly platform to assist you in managing your shipping needs from China to the United States. ShipsGo can assist you in monitoring and analyzing your shipments with ease.