ShipsGo container transportation visibility service preferred by DHL

DHL LLP selects global container shipping platform ShipsGo as the container tracking/visibility partner. DHL, giving services as the Global Lead Logistics Partner (LLP) starts to use ShipsGo tracking service for its global customers. ShipsGo tracking service includes tracking all movements from the port-to-port supply chain. ShipsGo also gives “release” and “gate out” alerts within all container ports and shipping lines for its partner DHL LLP. ShipsGo users get a message if their container is not released from the port within the “free time” period. In addition to that, they receive “Gate Out” dates of their discharged containers. By this service, our users avoid unnecessary and unexpected costs such as detention and demurrage fee arising from a lack of information about their container positions.

“We have developed our tracking service quality thanks to our unique algorithm. This algorithm allows using of automation at the maximum level in the tracking/visibility process. We are pleased; DHL as a giant global company is, preferring our tracking service quality, says Merdan Erdogan, CEO and the Co-Founder of ShipsGo.

The integration of the ShipsGo platform and DHL IT system took six months. DHL LLP and ShipsGo systems communicate the tracking data of a container by using Application Programming Interfaces (API) technology.