White label at a glance

White label is a term that appears in almost every article now. Most companies are announcing white-label products for the benefit of industry-related customers. So, what is the white label, and what is its place in the sector? This writing will highlight ShipsGo’s white label products and their advantages for ocean&sea freight transportation.

What is White Label?

If the company provides the end product or service by removing its brand, logo, or any kind of evocative and allowing the requester customer to use its own brand and logo, it is called white labeling.

How Does White Labeling Work in Ocean & Sea Freight Transportation?

Logistics companies develop white-label products so that everyone involved in the supply chain and logistics, whether importer or exporter, owns all container transportation experience. ShipsGo continues to design the most advantageous products and services for its users. While ShipsGo continues to develop the most suitable products and services, it also allows its users to offer container tracking services to their clients.

What are the White Labeled Products ShipsGo Offer?

ShipsGo can provide various container visibility services on ShipsGo users’ behalf to their client(s). ShipsGo white label container tracking services are as follows:

Notification Emails

The notifications are informative messages about the voyage. Thanks to the voyage notifications, you will know the stages of seaway transportation from the loading to the gate. By getting notifications, you escape unexpected costs, inform the responsible parties, and easily plan transportation after arrival. ShipsGo allows you to send the voyage summary, gate out, and arrival notifications to all of your customers with your logo. Choose the tracking template amongst the various designs, add your logo to the template, and send the notifications. You will be able to notify your customers and colleagues about the shipment’s status with your company logo.

insert your company logo into the shipping notification template.


ShipsGo alerts include delay and early alerts, release alerts, and transshipment port pending alerts. These are the warning messages ShipsGo sends you when any abnormalities are captured. Thanks to Alerts, you can take action before significant losses occur. You can place your own logo on these alarms developed to prevent demurrage costs and send them to the relevant people.

Live Positioning Map

The Live Positioning Map is for detecting the live location of your shipments. It helps you pinpoint your containers’ live location on a world map during the vessel voyage. You can integrate our Live Map into your website as a white-label product. Integrating our Live Map into your website would provide ocean and sea freight visibility to your website visitors and users.

Container Tracking API

We highly recommend white-label API integration for supply chain visibility and the most effective sea freight transportation process. You can automatically perform the entire shipment tracking process with the ShipsGo Tracking API and show their shipments to your customers on your website. You can easily conduct all communication over the simple REST API. You can generate your API Key if you already have a ShipsGo account. If you haven’t, all you need to do is create a ShipsGo account (we have no demand for any registration fee).