Digitalization in shipping

In our world where digitalization is accelerating, the container transport industry is also in a position to find a way for itself. The world’s major carrier companies are starting to make different experiments with the world’s leading technology companies. This can also be defined as taking part in order to exist in the future. The container shipping industry is not easy for technology companies to understand because of the unique dynamics of the sector and its variable structure. Many startups have pulled some important investments. We have to say that each one has chosen a different path for themselves and they are trying to move on that path.

Which path is the best: Pricing? Networking? Data Providing?

Some online platforms have chosen one of them only. Such platforms, however, are far away to meet expectations. Indeed, some of them already define themselves as “online freight forwarders.”

On the carrier’s side, Maersk & IBM are working on blockchain technology, OOCL and Microsoft are collaborating for digitalization. Such collaborations show that the expectations rule the choice. 

As ShipsGo, we do choose the analysis of the user data which can bring up

the solutions to the problem of the container shipping industry. We believe that following

Google will be the best way for the industry. Google has achieved the greatest leap in recent years and still continues doing so by collecting user data, determining user requirements, analyzing them, and finding the right people at the right time.

We believe that there will be a master platform in the future in which all the systems will be integrated and that this platform will make the operations much easier and safer for the industry. In this master platform;  importers, exporters, banks, customs brokers, freight forwarders, inland transport companies, ports…etc all will be integrated. The platform will be safe and transparent. The competition will always continue depending on the quality of service provided by these companies. The platform will provide benefits to all the firms involved in the system. Each new data will be analyzed, made more useful and shared with the users again.

The freight forwarder companies that organize mutual shipments from country A to Country B will be aware of one another for a while. A shipping line carrying between the two ports will be able to suggest a shorter route with less cost. An export company that has a shipment route including 2 x transshipments port

from the port, A to port C will be able to get an alternative route alert which includes less transshipment port and fewer transit times.

These samples above are just a few of the benefits the platform will provide to the users in the future. There is a very large field waiting to be discovered. The world container shipping industry is still waiting to be discovered and some companies are already on the way.

As ShipsGo we are ready to contribute to creating a better industry for all of us. 

One of our biggest advantages as ShipsGo is that; we are so small and can not

be noticed in this big digital world when we are compared to companies like IBM, Microsoft.

Some people believe that only great power can change the future. But that is not what we have found out. We’ve found out that even the smallest thing can change the course of the future.

The world is changed.

We feel it in the ocean.

We feel it in the land.

We smell it in the air.

It began with the building of the great Container Vessels. 

714 were given to the Maersk Line 

The oldest in maritime, the most experienced elegant Vikings.

514 to the MSC,

Excited, proud and warm Mediterranean people. 

And 508 vessels were gifted to CMA CGM, 

Who believes in the power of shipping the future. 

For within these container vessels was bound the strength 

And the will to control the world sea transportation

But they were, all of them, deceived;

For another digital shipping was made. 

Deep in the land of Silicon Valley,

In the keyboards of intelligent computers

The Digital Lord forged a master platform

And into this platform, he poured his data, his algorithm

and his artificial intelligence to dominate all vessels.

One platform to manage all shipping lines.

One by one, the free lines of world fell to the power of Digitalisation, 

but there were some who resisted.

A last alliance of Maersk, MSC, Cma- Cgm 

and other major carriers merged against the power of Digitalisation. 

They launched Inttra. 

The victory was near, but the power of Digitalization could not be undone…

In the light of the lord of Rings opening monologue; 

Ship Together, Go Better!