ShipsGo 2021 Review

As ShipsGo Digital Container Tracking Platform, we wanted to review what we accomplished in 2021 before saying hello to a new year. We see that we are growing day by day; we feel this growth as a team. Let’s examine some statistics!

Increasing Digitalization

One thing we noticed is that digitalization is increasing in maritime logistics. It is observed that the word “Container Tracking” in Google searches has risen by 50% compared to the previous years. We can say that digitalization, which accelerated during the pandemic process, also showed its effect on maritime logistics processes. The world is now a digital place, and ShipsGo offers this environment to you.

Everything becomes more apparent when we try to see our progress in numbers. For example, are you surprised when we say at least one shipment owner knows and uses ShipsGo in more than 65 countries of the world? We understand that this will increase day by day. ShipsGo will help anyone who says “I need a container tracking service” anywhere in the world in 2022.

Let’s Talk Numbers

We have reached 650+ customers from many countries. We also wondered how our customers in different languages found us and searched. When we dip into the subject, we found that our customers in France call us “suivi des conteneur” while our customers in Spain find us with the words “localizador de envios.”

When we are closing 2021, we see that we have reached more than 1.5 million tracking requests. Our operation team worked diligently to notify our customers. For instance, you know that the crisis in the Suez Canal, the unfortunate explosion in Beirut, caused disruptions in maritime logistics. Our operation team quickly organized and sent instant notifications to our customers. We like to make people happy with the information, and our operation team gets their motivation from the positive feedback.

You have searched ocean routes on ShipsGo

We said that It is enough to know the shipment’s port of loading and discharge to use our route search tool. Our users searched 65K+ routes averagely per month. Thank you for trusting us! According to your route searches on our tool, we listed the popular carriers and freight forwarders on that route then showed you the shipment’s average transit time and service reliability. You tracked your load shipment with Live Tracking. We hope this has been a good experience for you because it was and always will be for us!

About Customer Experience

Speaking of experience, we aimed to maximize our customer experience, so we have collected some feedback to measure user experience. received an average of 25K+ visitors per day in 2021. Some of these visitors asked questions to the live support which is active 24/7 on our website. Throughout the year, we provided instant support to approximately 8000 customers. We answered their questions and solved their problems. When we reviewed the customer satisfaction surveys, 90% of our customers reported being satisfied with the live support they got.

Good Bye 2021!

We have added a new product to our Container Tracking and Route Finder products. We created the TeuSmile network where all freight forwarder members can meet and start the partnerships they are searching for. Finally, we had a very good 2021, and we believe 2022 will be even better. We hope everyone has a great year full of joy and happiness!